The 3 Things You Can Expect at a Dental Cleaning

18 Jun 2015

The 3 Things You Can Expect at a Dental Cleaning

Do you ever wonder what is going to happen at your next dental cleaning appointment? If so, we are happy to tell you! When you come into our office, you can expect the following things:

A deep teeth cleaning
Deep teeth cleanings are essential. They help you clean the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth as well as help you reduce the chances of developing gum disease. During this part of the treatment, your hygienist will scrape the surfaces of your teeth with a small tool and will thoroughly floss every crevice of your smile. This will remove the harmful plaque, tartar, and bacteria that reside in your oral cavity.

A fluoride treatment
Fluoride is a beneficial mineral that strengthens and nourishes your smile. It is very important that your teeth receive this treatment because it helps them fight off tooth decay and other dental issues. So, we are happy to provide this treatment when you come into our office. This treatment will likely be flavored and it will come in the form of a gel, varnish, or foam. We will simply place the fluoride in your mouth, wait for a few minutes, and then have you rinse your smile with cool water.

A dental exam
The exam is a great way to thoroughly check your mouth for any dental issues. First, your dentist will visually inspect your mouth with small tools. Then, our team will take X-rays of your teeth, roots, and gums and your dentist will examine those pictures as well. If you do by chance have any dental issues, like tooth decay or dental fractures, we are happy to begin the needed treatment right away.

Now that you know what is going to happen at your appointment, there’s no need to be nervous, right? Dental cleanings are simple and painless, and they are crucial for your oral health. We encourage you to call our office today at 877-410-6945 and schedule your next dental cleaning and exam so we can help you further achieve all your smile goals!

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