Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy and Endodontic Dentistry in the Bronx, New York

For infected and damaged teeth, root canal therapy is an excellent alternative to tooth extraction. Root canal therapy allows us to save the natural tooth and restore your oral health. You may require root canal treatment if you have a tooth affected by:

  • Pulp decay
  • Infected dental pulp
  • Significant trauma or damage

At Pelham Dental Group, Dr. Vasserman and the dental team are committed to ensuring that every procedure, including root canal therapy, is comfortable and painless. For additional protection and enhanced aesthetics, our dentist will place a custom dental crown over the tooth after the root canal treatment. Please call or visit our office in Bronx, New York soon to learn about root canal therapy. We are eager to help you return to optimal oral health and restore the function and beauty of your smile!

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