Painless Tooth Extraction

Painless Tooth Extraction

If you’re hesitant to get an extraction, you’re not alone. Many find themselves worried about what it will feel like and recovery. That said, the Pelham Dental Group understands and are experts at performing painless tooth extractions.

Dr. Vasserman is magnificent at tooth extractions and makes his patient feel comfortable during the procedure. He tends to each individual with his amazing dentistry skills in the process. By doing so it helps to ease the patient’s nerves and before you know it the extraction is completed. 

Dr. Vasserman doesn’t believe in using heavy chemicals to perform an extraction. In fact, he gently applies topical anesthesia to the area, and with the quick prick of a needle the patient is sedated. He does not heavily sedate patients.

The typical turnaround time for extraction is less than two weeks and patients are welcomed to call if they have any questions or concerns during their recovery.  

Following an extraction, one of the professional, staff, members would be delighted to speak to you about the possibility of an implant to replace the missing tooth. Our desire is always to perform a painless extraction and answer any questions you have regarding what to do next. 

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