Overcoming Your Dental Anxiety

18 Jun 2015

Overcoming Your Dental Anxiety

Many people find a trip to the dentist to be a little less than pleasant. Procedures can sometimes be uncomfortable or awkward. But some people actually have serious dental anxiety. The Cleveland Clinic says that up 15% of Americans avoid going to the dentist at all because of their fear. At Pelham Dental Group, we want to do all we can to help you overcome your dental anxiety and receive the care you need.

Dental anxiety has a wide variety of causes. For some, their fear stems from a traumatic past experience with a dentist. Others fear injections–either being injected or that the injection won’t work. Some have feelings of helplessness or loss of control when they are reclined in the dental chair. Embarrassment is also common–feeling an invasion of personal space or self-consciousness about the appearance of teeth.

At Pelham Dental Group, we take these and other fears or concerns very seriously. We invite you to tell us about any dental anxiety you have. Clear communication throughout your visit will help you feel more comfortable. We can break down each procedure step-by-step, and can pause at any time if you need a breather. We also recommend you schedule your appointment on a day when you have a little extra time. Feeling rushed often aggravates anxiety.

Dr Vadim Vasserman and his staff hold the wellbeing of their patients as their highest priority, and can help you overcome your dental anxiety. You–and your teeth–deserve it.

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