Dental Tooth Cleaning and Polishing

Dental Tooth Cleaning and Polishing

Dental cleaning is a great way to remove tartar and plaque as well as carefully clean the roots that are above and below your gumline. 


Tooth polishing is a procedure that removes plaque, stains on your teeth and bacteria that have formed on the outer surface of your teeth but bit more intensely than routine cleaning. 

There was a time when dental tooth polishing was part or dental prophylaxis. Over time it was noted that frequent use of this procedure scrapes away the outer layer of teeth. Without the outer layer, your teeth are more susceptible to plaque buildup and stains. To add to that, it diminishes the protective fluoride layer on your teeth. 

Therefore, the better route to take is to have the Pelham Dental Group perform routine cleanings on your teeth and polishing according to our recommendations. One of our professionals will gladly assist you.

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